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Sandlot Scotties

Sandlot Scotties came about from our love for the breed.

The Sandlot clan is part of our family. They bring us companionship, unconditional love, and hours of entertainment. Sandlot Scotties are AKC registered, and all of our puppies will be registered with the AKC.


Sandlot Scotties is a responsible breeder. We only sell to individuals, never to pet stores. We have limited litters annually. We ensure all our puppies are veterinarian examined and are up to date with all shots before they leave us.

Breed History

The well-known Scottie silhouette is instantly recognizable with the beard short legs and side curtains, popular today with textile makers and other manufacturers looking for a sporty retro accent for their designs.

The AKC first recognized the Scottish Terrier in 1885.

If you are considering a Scottie please make sure you understand the breed. The Scottie is very independent, confident, and aloof towards strangers. Their hunting instinct is strong, and they will chase any small creature. Scotties are also known to be cantankerous around other dogs no matter the size. From personal experience, a Scottie will stand their ground and even charge a Great Dane if they feel they or their human is being challenged! Many Scotties end up in rescues simply because as puppies they are irresistible but as the Scottie matures, if not correctly handled and trained they can become quite the handful.

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